The Value of Children and Family Portraits.

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In the crazy busy world we live in it seems as if our kids change almost overnight. They grow up so fast that it is more important than ever to capture them in fine portraits that you will enjoy for a lifetime. At Marysville Photo we specialize in creating timeless portraits that accurately capture the spirit of you and your children. Our Kids Sessions are built around the concept of letting kids be kids, not putting them into contrived situations that are not natural to them. Nothing is more beautiful than a child being themselves, and our job is to capture these moments as they happen with beautiful lighting and artistic composition. The result of working like this is a unique portrait that captures the true essence of your child. Our Family Sessions also follow this model. Our goal is create a Family Portrait you will be proud of and treasure for years to come. The purpose of a Family Portrait is to capture that moment in time. A quality Portrait will become more valuable to you as time goes on, as you and your family continue to grow and change.
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How do we accomplish this?

For starters, all of our work is done by appointment only. This way we can schedule an appointment that meets your needs and schedule. After all some kids are morning kids and some are better in the afternoon. Everyone works different schedules and our flexible appointments allow you to have a portrait created around your schedule. Secondly, we schedule more than enough time to conduct your session in a laid back manner that gives everyone a chance to relax and be themselves. No more rushing to a studio, waiting in line, and then being rushed thru for the next customer. We get great results because we give you and your childern time to relax and enjoy the session. Finally, we don’t come into your session with a preconceived idea of how it will end. While we do use our over 20 years of experience to get the best photographs, that experience is what allows us to flexible and work with you and your childern to capture that special moment. We understand that kids are people also, and just like all of us, they do not smile all of the time and that is ok.